Fettayleh Gladiators Basketball Team


Meet our Fettayleh Gladiators Basketball Team

In 2015 Fettayleh Halal smallgoods devised a basketball program by helping a new young team of boys who were specially selected to partake in local basketball competitions. Our Fettayleh basketball team dubbed “The Fettayleh Gladiators” coached by Mr Hassan who has many years of experience in basketball and an enthusiast himself. Mr Hassan has volunteered his time and experiences to assist us with the young team to reach new heights with their achievements.

We take pride in supporting such a program as we have always instilled our Fettayleh’s vision and priority to assist our community with special programs and to promote healthy eating and healthy lifestyles. We are not looking at producing the next basketball champions, rather using the sport to instil our Islamic values of being active and healthy that will benefit the boys in their lives outside of sport and in the wider community.

Our aim with the basketball program is

  • to give young Muslim youth the opportunity to develop a love of basketball, by providing such opportunities to engage in mainstream sporting activities;
  • to develop links with general sports and youth relationships among Muslim boys and the wider community in Sydney;
  • to promote and to assist young Muslim boys to disengage from participating in anti-social behaviour.

We take this opportunity for thanking our sponsors Cole Supermarkets and Sichma Halal Certification for their ongoing support and commitment with our work in the wider Australian Islamic community.

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