Shahrouk Sisters – Our Lebanese taste buds are dancing!

Congratulations to the Shahrouk Sisters

Please join me in congratulating The Shahrouk sisters in the comments area below.

I would start by saying from all of us at Fettayleh Foods and Abu Ahmad Butchery (Our Retail Outlet in Punchbowl, NSW), Congratulations to The Shahrouk sisters for winning “Family Food Fight” (FFF), the new cooking show on channel 9.

The Noted Change

We started watching FFF and immediately noticed the change that you brought to your usual mainstream cooking show. We loved every minute of your crazy, manic cooking style every time you went into the kitchen; you kept us and our kids captivated with your passion for cooking; with your loud & colourful personalities; your screams, laughter and tears but always with that positive outlook on life centered on your family.

Your participation in FFF and the courage to be YOU, has challenged the stereotype and we are finally seeing, I hope for the better, a change with more faces  from Middle Eastern backgrounds, especially from Lebanese heritage on TV along with personalities and shows such as Here Come the Habibs (Channel 9), the trio on gogglebox (Channel Ten),  the Mosque next door (SBS), Waleed Aly (@TheProject) (Channel 10), not forgetting Chef Manu Feildel from @MKR (Yahoo! 7) new TV commercial ads showcasing the Lebanese Hummus and of course your show Family Food Fight.

Now, more than ever and with no doubt in mind, the Shahrouk’s have paved the way for the inclusion of Muslim’s of faith to participate in TV shows that dispels the myths and showcases Australians with culturally diverse backgrounds. You demonstrated that we may look different on the outside but are the same on the inside, with the same issues that we all face when challenged to step up in the environment of a cooking show and step up you did. You did your family, the local community and the community at large very proud, because you showed Australia, you are the Number One Food Family.

The Halal Cuisine

We say congratulations to the Middle Eastern and Lebanese Halal cuisine for being the winner at all times. Live on TV, we saw people eating your food and surprise, nothing happened, no one became Muslim or dare I say, Died. Lebanese cuisine is unique and a flavour not to be missed. In Australia, we are so proud of the Shahrouk sisters for paving the way on national television by representing what we love best, Food, Flavour, Taste and Family.

The colourful Scarf (hijab)

You have not only showcased our humbleness and happiness to live through laughter and food, focusing the attention of many Australians and the world away from the usual televised negative news that only portrays the Lebanese & Muslim people through local crime, gangs, shootings or drugs. Through your amazing colourful hijabs ladies, you have displayed a much-welcomed change by showcasing the true centre of a Lebanese household, the Lebanese“Muslim” women and the right to be part of the Australian makeup and fabric. We hope to see more of such televised shows on Australian TV in the future.

“Food, the language of every nation, culture, race and religion.”

Memorable Moments

Who can forget the most memorable moments during the show including

  • Rouba serving up EGGS to her husband during competition 🙂
  • The high tea challenge
  • The making of the best lamington
  • The battle of the deserts
  • The pub challenge, winning it while never been in a pub before or knowing what pub grub meant
  • Working with new ingredients, names of which you struggled to pronounce

The Families – our friends

Of course, we also extend our congratulations to all of the other families for being part of such an amazing show and giving it there best shot to get to the finale. While you (the families) made new friends on the show with the Shahrouk, you have also become our friends and we learned a lot from your cooking styles, your love for cooking, your traditional dishes and backgrounds. The standouts being the Gibaladi Family gnocchi & the Panayides Family and the love affair with seafood.

Our friends

  • The Butler Family
  • The Panayides Family
  • The Gibaladi Family
  • The Nguyen Family
  • The Sheppard Family

The Judges

Our hats off to the amazing CHEFS for a job well done throughout the entire series. For your honesty, integrity and interest in the traditional cuisine the families prepared.

  • Matt Moran  – Celebrity chef and acclaimed restaurateur,
  • Anna Polyviou  – The hip-hop and mohawked lord of the sweets,
  • Hayden Quinn  – The sunned and surfing reality TV survivor,
  • Tom Parker Bowles  – Acclaimed food writer, critic and real-life royalty.

The FFF Title

Ladies, you impressed over 40 special guests and won $100,000 and of course the title of being Australia’s first Number One Food Family. You have done us proud and from all of us, we say don’t stop, we look forward to the next challenge in your chapter – Inshaallah.

Houda, Halla, Leeann, Rouba & the Shahrouk family. Thank You!

Ahmad Fettayleh
CEO – Fettayleh Foods

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