Our History


Fettayleh story started in the early 1990’s when Jamal Fettayleh opened a retail butchery store in the heart of Punchbowl which grew to be a household name. The shop, Abu Ahmad Butchery, still operates as a successful business today and is very well known in the local area.

As a family business, Jamal’s son Ahmad joined the Abu Ahmad Butchery as an apprentice butcher in the late 90’s where he developed a passion, understanding and respect for the meat, variety of meat cuts, and the needs and desires of his customers. Ahmad continued to develop and broaden his involvement in the meat production industry by opening a second retail butchery store in Liverpool.

Realising there was a gap in the Halal Wholesale Market, and that Halal suppliers at the time were charging a premium for supplying the same meat, Ahmad had a vision which he quickly turned into a reality. His vision was to become Australia’s best known Halal wholesaler providing genuine Halal products to all Australians by adhering to the strict standards of the toughest Halal certification boards in Australia, without the high prices that used to be associated with Halal meats.

In 2007, Ahmad and Mohamad, with the help of their father, made this dream a reality, when the purchased number 1 Pilcher Street, Strathfield South. Since opening Pilcher Street, the company has continued to grow and build a great team at Fettayleh Wholesale Meat Supplies and Fettayleh.