Portion Control

We tailor make a detailed product specification sheet for each item. This will ensure that our valued customers receive the meat item that they want by clearly describing: specific category and class of animal, product description, specification cutting lines / additional trim, grade or carton brand name, primal weight range/ portion weight & tolerance, yield, packaging and handling condition of product.

All these components make up a product specification sheet that will ensure what our customers order is what they will receive each and every time.

High Quality Meat Products


13000 Halal provide high quality meat and meat products to the Australian market place. Known for their attention to detail, thorough strict and independently certified meat production processes and high standards of meat production, they ensure that all their stock is carefully managed to ensure it is of the very best quality. Incorporating the Halal process in their meat production ensures that the end result meat product presented to customers is absolutely first-class, no exceptions.

With independent Halal inspectors and Australian certified health inspectors assessing 13000Halal’s processes on a regular basis, clients can be assured that 13000Halal continue to meet the high standards required both by the Australian Government and the Australian community.

As an experienced and certified Halal meat and poultry products provider for over twenty years 13000Halal are the proven professionals and Australian leaders in Halal meat provision to Australian customers including major retailers, restaurants, airline catering companies and all large corporates needing to conform to strict standards of quality and meat product delivery