What is Halal?


Halal in the traditional sense translates to “lawful” and the term is used to designate food seen as permissible according to Islamic law. For more information on the specific definition of Halal and any religious connotations, please refer to Wikipedia and other relevant definitions.

From the perspective of 13000Halal, it is important that they not only conform to necessary requirements as specified in Islamic law in order to maintain their Halal certifications, but always ensure a respectful approach to the animal and to the greater god (or Allah). By conforming to this traditional approach which is all about treating the animal humanely, the butcher is able to ensure an outcome which results in a consistently high quality halal products.

From the everyday Australian’s perspective, it means that the animals are always treated humanely. The result is a quality and standard of meat that is exceptional without having to incur higher prices.

The Halal certificate issued by SICHMA to Fettayleh is confirmation that our facility meets the most stringent standards of Halal. We, at Fettayleh are proud of our Halal accreditation and confirmation that all our products are Halal certified when they leave our facility. We will never give our Halal certificate, issued by SICHMA to any third party as proof of their own Halal certification. Our certificate verifies our facility and the products we produce and distribute until such time as it leaves our care, which is confirmed by the interim Halal certificate that we provide with our delivery. This, in no way should provide any doubt on the third party (Distributor / Food Service / Customer) and their own Halal accreditation. It should never be assumed that we have approved any business to use our certification, as we are a manufacturer and producer, NOT A HALAL CERTIFIER. Any questions on the Halal status of the business that we supply, should be referred back to that business. Any business seeking to be Halal accredited should contact SICHMA or another approved Halal certifying body.